Wednesday, August 30, 2017

CCTV footage from nightclub security offices!

Nightclub bouncers don’t take kindly to young lads who think they can make a fast buck on their turf. The muscle and the law is on their side. So young chancers are swiftly taken upstairs and behind the scenes they are stripped nude and terrified by the mean security guards. Every night there are students who think they know it all with stuff tucked under their sweaty scrotums and hidden up their turd shoots. It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t, the bouncers need to check for SURE. The frightened “entrepreneurs” have no idea if they’ll get their clothes back and are subjected to over the top intimate examinations they will never forget. A few fingers on their precious little holes make them petrified. Harsh words are barked into their ears to ram home the message – get caught again and it will be worse!

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