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The nudity begins the moment you are remanded into custody!

Side-show Bob here really thinks he's a clever cunt. He's made a foolish error to let the pigs arrest him and get sent down ahead of the trial. A trial in which he will be found not guilty of course! All this is rather beneath him. He's big and muscular and is going to be the cleverest on the wing. No doubt he'll teach some of the stupider crims how to read and help with their letters from home. All the while he'll have a big fat grin on his face because he's more intelligent than all the prison warders AND the governor...

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Florida State Parole Office spy and surveillance cams revealed!

Working off multiple tips, Florida State Police, and local authorities uncovered a massive sex scandal at a Parole Office in Northern Florida. Nine Florida State Parole Officers were arrested and charged with over one hundred counts including assault, extortion, and conspiracy. According to authorities, the officers repeatedly abused their power. Most disturbing of all, they recorded everything on video using a sophisticated network of surveillance and cameras. These recordings are featured on this website. They were obtained by legal means, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 5 U.S.C, are public record.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016