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Sleeping Australian Farmer

I met Australia nut farmer Brett during a surfing trip to the land down under and I can say first hand that down under his trunks, this hairy man has one huge Australian cock, I love hairy men! Brett was at the beach with a bunch of friends, and I could tell he was quite popular with both the guys and the ladies. Since I was carrying my photography gear and snapping shots at the surfers taking the waves, his group asked for some pictures. I was happy to oblige as this gave me the perfect opening to get to know this hot naked Australian a little better and maybe get him on film.

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Football lads

The pervy cameraman at Sneakypeek catches three guys naked in a gym locker room! The lads appear to have come from playing a football game on the gym’s small outdoor pitch. Totally at ease with each other while naked the guys strut around chatting and making surreptitious glances at each other’s cocks. See the full spycam video at SneakyPeek!

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