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Fratboy Casey & Jersey Boy Joey

I’d heard Joey was looking for a place to live, so that would be a good excuse for him to drive over. It’s a barely furnished property, so there weren’t very many places to sleep –not even a couch– and Casey already had dibs on the only spare bed. Of course I didn’t mention that to Joey. Casey and I made some fast plans, then fratboy Casey–who’d been working all night at a call center–went off to take a nap with the promise I’d wake him when it was ‘show time’.

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Soccer Lads

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Naked cyclists

EricDeman has found a parking lot where racing cyclists change quickly into their outfits. Spying on the unsuspecting lads he captures them bare assed in public. This kind of footage really gets brings out our voyeuristic kink as we perv on these sexy athletic men. Find thousands of hot videos at EricDeman!

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