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Locker room hunk

The pervy cameraman at Sneakypeek has found a good vantage point in a sports changing room cubicle where he can film sporty guys changing. Exhausted from a workout the hot lad strips naked not realizing he’s giving a full strip show to the spycam. See the hottest voyeur videos at!

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Sleeping beach bum!

CJ is another of those hot surfer dudes I ran into one day at the beach. CJ is one of those guys who lives his life in the surf. A real beach bum.
He’s a young surfer, about 19 and his surf gear left very little to the imagination. We struck up a conversation when he came on shore to take a breather and watch some of the other guys surf. I quickly mention my ever present sports package and big hi-def TV and he asks about coming to my place.Perfect! I race home to get things ready, my mind going over the endless possibilities offered by a young, hot surfer dude, a big cock, and the promise of someone I just know is gong to be a heavy cummer!

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