Sunday, April 29, 2018

18 Year Old Stockboy Rex!

I met Rex just a few weeks before X-Mas, as I was finishing up on my long list of groceries for Christmas Dinner. The place was jam packed and I was having quite a hard time finding some of the stuff I needed or getting any help at all, until I spotted this hot, handsome young man. Rex went beyond the call of duty with helping me out and we hit it off pretty quick. Turns out Rex is new in town, doesn’t have any friends or anything so he doesn’t have much to do with his free time, which can really play a number to your head around Holiday Season. No way was I letting that happen, so I invited him over for dinner that night, and extended him an invite to spend a few days at my place, there is, after all plenty of room. As you can see, Rex turned out to be one hell of a hot guest!

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